Established in 2000, Suprdupr Sound is a funky little studio on the edge of Brooklyn, owned and operated by much sought after Producer Chris Parks. It overlooks the downtown New York City skyline, the Brooklyn Bridge and the East River, where clients can view incredible sunsets while recording, and that’s only the beginning.
The gear available is just the right mix of vintage gear meets the latest in new technology. Clients can work in Pro-Tools, Logic or Digital Performer or they can record directly to tape. The studio offers several vintage guitar amps, a variety of string instruments, drum kits, analog & digital keyboards, a pristine Hammond B3, Rhodes, Wurlitzer, various mic’s (vintage and new), pre-amps, percussion and tons of other bells and whistles.
SuprDupr also boasts a huge live room, 2 ISO or vocal booths (large enough to fit 4 people comfortably), 2 control rooms and a mixing room. A large but cozy lounge rounds out the space where clients can relax and have a break in between takes.
A dedicated audiophile, producer/engineer Chris Parks will work with you in getting the sound in your head onto your recording, whether it be engineering, mixing, production or playing guitar, bass or keys, you name it, he will find a way to make any musical idea you have a reality .