Equipment List

please inquire if there is something you need for your session that you don’t see here-and we may be able to provide it or rent it


Apple Mac Pro quad-xeon
PRO TOOLS HD3 -running Protools 9/Logic 9/Reason 5/Digital Performer 7/Ableton Live 8/Waves Mercury/loads of audio and virtual instrument plug-ins
Digidesign 192 Interface(2) (16 ins/outs)
Alesis Adat (2) optical (16 ins/outs)
Trident s100(2) wired as 16 ch console
Yamaha Ns10 monitors
Mackie Mr8 Monitors
Event Subwoofer


Apogee Trak 2 preamp/converter
Universal Audio 6176 tube pre/comp
Calrec 1061 Mic Pre w/ EQ (similar to neve)
Chandler TG2 Stereo  preamp (early model)
Tl Audio Stereo tube preamp
Joe Meek VC3Q pre/comp/eq
Empirical Labs Distressor w/british mod & stereo link (2)
DBX 166A Stereo Comp


Maestro Echoplex Solid State (70’s)
Market Electronics Tube Echoplex (60’s)
Foxx Fuzz/Wha/Vol Effects Pedal
ELECTRO HARMONIX  Gtr Micro Synthesizer


Neumann tlm103
Neumann m149 tube
Neumann um57 tube
Sennheiser md421 (2)
Shure SM81 (2)
Shure SM7 (2)
AKG C-1000
Audio Technica AT4033
EV RE-20
Shure Beta 52
AKG D-112


Fender Rhodes suitcase 88 key-(stellar action & amp; tone)
Wurlitzer Upright Piano
Wurlitzer model 200 electric piano
Hammond B3 w/Leslie
Hohner D-6 Clavinet
Farfisa VP233
Roland Alpha Juno 1 Keyboard
Korg Triton Keyboard
Korg TrinityKeyboard  w/moss board (V3)
Akai MPC3000 Drum Sampler
Roland Super JV 1080 Keyboard Module w/4 exp boards
Roland D50 keyboard


Fender Super Reverb  Amplifier (70’s)silver face
Fender Princeton ’64 Guitar Amplifier
Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Gtr Amplifier 1 12′
Fender Jazz Bass(76)w/Sadowsky Pre/badass creme
Fender P-Bass 76 crème
Gibson Custom Shop ES-336 Electric Gtr
Taylor Acoustic Guitar Model 410
Takamine 12-string Acoustic Gtr black
Music Man 5-String Bass
Fender Victor Bailey 5-string ac-Elec Bass


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